Taking Authentic Vintage Tone to HIFI Performance

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Yellow Cab is on a quest to take authentic vintage tone to a new level of performance.
  • We decided to put as much thought and care into our cabs as a luthier puts into making an instrument.
    Each cabinet is designed to match specific characteristics of a chosen speaker in terms of cabinet volume, construction type (resonant or non resonant), port designs and other technical aspects often standard in HIFI world
  • We use speakers that have distinct Vintage tone like Weber VST versions of vintage Jensens and Celestions.Then analize speaker parameters and design an enclosure that will allow that particular type of speaker perform to it's full potential.
  • All guitar cabinets are solid wood construction for the Studio Series and Baltic Birch 13 ply for Yellow cabs, with baltic birch 13 ply backs and baffles, dovetail and finger joints for both. read more about guitar and bass cab design.
  • We are able to tailor the construction, choice of woods, speakers, and overall design to the individual needs of our customers who choose custom products.
  • We stock a variety of product related to the construction of our cabinets and are dealers of products made by Weber VST, Electro Harmonics and others. Feel free to browse the selection of speakers we stock, cables, tubes and hardware.

    We are small Canadian business that values local resources and is environmentally conscious and careful.
    We believe in art and craftsmanship not in mass production. Sound quality, aesthetics, careful design,
    and finishing are top priorities. Hear the difference!

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